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Title Description Case no File Name
Karanje Ketan Shankar OA cannot be allowed because it is not maintainable and it lacks merit. Accordingly, the OA is dismissed with no order as to costs. O.A. No. 13/2016 Court-225.pdf
Kartika Chandra Muduli Judgment of Kartika Chandra Muduli with O.A. No. 40/2011 dated 22-04-2013. O.A. No. 40/2011 Court-57.pdf
Kaushik Sengupta Judgment of Ex-ERA-2 Kaushik Sengupta dated 04-07-2018 O.A. No. 20/2017 dated 04-07-2018 Court-248.PDF
Keshab Kumar Nayak Judgment of Keshab Kumar Nayak dated 27/04/2016 T.A. No. 11/2015 Court-216.pdf
Krishnendu Patra Judgment of Krishnendu Patra dated 16-05-2018 M.A. No. 162/2016 with M.A. No. 163/2016 (Arising out of O.A. No. 92/2013) dated 16-05-2018 Court-239.PDF
Kunilata Ray Judgment of Smt. Kunilata Ray dated 22/12/2015 T.A. No. 22/2012 Court-193.pdf
Lieutenant Colonel Mukul Dev Judgement of Lieutenant Colonel Mukul Dev bearing OA 93 of 2013 dated 04-07-2014. OA 93 of 2013 dated 04-07-2014 Court-112.pdf
Lieutenant Colonel Mukul Dev Judgement of Lieutenant Colonel Mukul Dev bearing OA 4 of 2014 dated 27-08-2014. OA 4 of 2014 dated 27-08-2014 Court-128.pdf
Lieutenant Colonel Mukul Dev Judgement of Lieutenant Colonel Mukul Dev bearing OA 29 of 2014 dated 19-09-2014. OA 29 of 2014 dated 19-09-2014 Court-141.pdf
Lt Col (TS) Jyotsna Mondal Judgment of Lt Col (TS) Joytsna Mondal dated 08-03-2019 M.A. No. 62-2018 with O.A. No. 86/2018 dated 08-03-2019 Court-282.PDF
Lt Col Debasis Mukherjee (Retd) Judgment of Lt Col Debasis Mukherjee (Retd) dated 16-05-2018 O.A. No. 170/2017 dated 16-05-2018 Court-240.PDF
LT COL DIPAK KUMAR BHATTACHARYYA Judgment of Review application of Lt. Col. Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya with R.A. No. 1/2013 R.A. No. 1/2013 Court-60.PDF
Lt Col Mithilesh Chandra Jha Judgment of Lt Col Mithilesh Chandra Jha dated 03/05/2017 O.A. No. 48/2016 Court-233.PDF
Lt Col Sharma Sunil Datta The Original Application succeeds and is allowed. O.A. No. 54/2016 Court-229.pdf
Lt. Col Anirudh Negi Judgment of Lt. Col Anirudh Negi dated 29/02/2016 O.A. No. 54/2013 Court-194.pdf
LT. COL. ARDHENDU PAL Judgment of Lt. Col. Ardhendu APl bearing O.A. No. 125/2012 dated 0702-2014 O.A. No. 125/2012 Court-94.PDF
LT. COL. DIPAK KUMAR BHATTACHARYYA Judgement of TA No. 88/2010 dated 21-12-2012 T.A. No. 88/2010 Court-46.pdf
Lt. Col. Mukul Dev O.A. No. 110 of 2011 Court-30.PDF
LT. COL. MUKUL DEV Judgement of O.A. No. 85/2012 dated 11/12/2012 O.A. No. 85/2012 Court-44.pdf
Maj Amalendu Chakraborty Judgment of Maj Amalendu Chakraborty dated 31-08-2018 M.A. No. 38/2018 with R.A. No. 08/2016 (Arising out of O.A. No. 122/2016) dated 31-08-2018 Court-253.PDF