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Title Description Case no File Name
MAJOR RABINDRA SINGH Judgment of Major Rabindra Singh (No. RC-900K) dated 04/04/2011 T.A. No. 37/2010 Court-85.PDF
MAJOR SUMIT RANJAN Final Order of OA No. 28/2011 dated 29-08-2012 OA No. 28/2011 Court-36.PDF
Manash Kumar Mitra Judgment of Manash Kumar Mitra bearing T.A. No. 41/2012 dated 24/09/2013 T.A. No. 41/2012 Court-78.PDF
Mandip Basu Judgment of Ex-Sigmn Mandip Basu dated 09-10-2015 O.A. No. 46/2013 Court-173.pdf
MANOJ KUMAR PANDEY Final Order of Manoj Kumar Pandey bearing T.A. No. 50/2011 T.A. No. 50/2011 Court-68.PDF
Md. Mirajul Haque Molla Application is deviod of merit and it is dismissed R.A. No. 01/2017 in O.A. No. 58/2011 Court-236.PDF
Md. Tuku Mondal No. 18006608A Judgement of Md. Tuku Mondal No. 18006608A bearing O.A. No. 105 of 2012 dated 18-09-2014. O.A. No. 105 of 2012 dated 18-09-2014 Court-139.pdf
Meher Mallick Judgment of Meher Mallick dated 27/07/2018 O.A. No. 18/2015 dated 27-07-2018 Court-250.PDF
Mihir Roy Judgment of Ex-Sep Mihir Roy dated 21/08/2015 O.A. No. 59/2012 Court-168.pdf
Mirajul Haque Molla Judgment of Md. Mirajul Haque Molla dated 12/04/2016 O.A. No. 58/2011 Court-211.pdf
Mohammad Mostafa Mohammad Mostafa bearing O.A. No. 11/2012 dated 11-04-2014. O.A. No. 11/2012 dated 11-04-2014 Court-103.pdf
MOHAMMED KHURSHID Judgment of Mohammed Khurshid bearing T.A. No. 64/2012 dated 08-01-2014 T.A. No. 64/2012 Court-89.PDF
NABAGHANA BEHERA Judgement of Nabaghana Behera bearing O.A. No. 100/2012 O.A. No. 100/2012 Court-79.pdf
Naib Subedar Ameet Kumar Judgment of Naib Subedar/ SKT Ameet Kumar dated 14-09-2018 O.A. No. 42/2018 dated 14-09-2018 Court-260.PDF
Narayan Chandra Mohanty Judgement of Narayan Chandra Mohanty bearing TA 20/2012 dated 21-07-2014. TA 20/2012 dated 21-07-2014 Court-123.PDF
Narayan Chandra Mohanty Judgment of Narayan Chandra Mohanty dated 29/02/2016 T.A. No. 5/2014 Court-196.pdf
Nb Sub Ameet Kumar Judgment of Nb Sub Ameet Kumar dated 12-10-2018 O.A. No. 42/2018 dated 12-10-2018 Court-266.PDF
NB SUB GOPAL CHANDRA PAL Judgment of JC-331746W Nb Sub Gopal Chandra Pal bearing O.A. No. 93/2012 dated 15-01-2013 O.A. No. 93/2012 Court-91.PDF
Netai Sikder Judgment of Ex-NK Netai Sikder O.A. No. 111/2013 Court-153.doc
Nilamadhab Mishra Judgment of Ex-CPL Nilamadhab Mishra dated 09-10-2015 T.A. No. 54/2012 Court-174.pdf