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Flight Lieutenant Ishan Sharan vs Union of India The application is allowed in part and the applicant is to be considered as released from service from the date of his dismissal i.e. 28 June 2013 with whatever financial benefits(if any) that he may be entitled to. O.A. No. 103/2013 Court-223.pdf
Gagan Bihari Dhal Judgment of T.A. No. 120/2010 dated 7/3/2010 T.A. No. 120/2010 Court-24.PDF
GANESH CHANDRA SINGH Judgment of O.A. No. 53/2011 on 23rd March, 2012 O.A. No. 53/2011 Court-26.PDF
Ghanashyam Das Thakur Judgment of Ghanashyam Das Thakur bearing O.A. No. 69/2011 dated 26-09-2013 O.A. No. 69/2011 Court-80.pdf
Gour Chandra Mondal Judgement of Ex Sep Gour Chandra Mondal bearing OA No 86/2013 dated 25-06-2014 OA 86/2013 dated 25-06-2014 Court-111.pdf
Govind Singh Rawat Judgment of Subedar Govind Singh Rawat dated 22/03/2016 T.A. No. 19/2015 Court-206.pdf
Group Case with Cause Title SUB (BS) S.K.SHAW & Others Group Case with Cause Title SUB (BS) S.K.SHAW; 2.HAV(SK) PARTHASARTHI KARAN; 3.HAV CHINTAMONI GHOSAL 4.HAV(SK) VINOD T. 5.NB SUB TANAJI BHAGAT 6.HAV (SK) M.P.TRIPATHY 7.HAV(SK) S O.A. No. 74/2011 TO O.A. No. 90/2011 & O.A. No. 17/2012 & O.A. No. 21/2012 Court-50.doc
Gulam Murshed Gulam Murshed bearing OA 48/2011 dated 10-07-2014. OA 48/2011 dated 10-07-2014 Court-117.PDF
Harneet Singh Judgment of Commander Harneet Singh dated 21/08/2015 O.A. No. 30/2013 Court-167.pdf
Hav (Promoted as Nb Sub) Asha Nandan Singh Judgement & Order of C.A. No. 6/2014 C.A. No. 6/2014 Court-145.pdf
HAV ASHOK KUMAR JOSHI Final Order of Havilder Ashok Kumar Joshi with T.A. No. 29/2012 dated 01-05-2013 T.A. No. 29/2012 Court-59.pdf
Hav/MT Asha Nandan Singh Judgement of Hav/MT Asha Nandan Singh bearing O.A. No. 92 of 2012 dated 27-08-2014. O.A. No. 92 of 2012 dated 27-08-2014 Court-127.pdf
Havaldar Major Adhir Kumar Mondal Judgement of Havaldar Major Adhir Kumar Mondal bearing case No O.A. No. 10/2010 dated 20-03-2014. O.A. No. 10/2010 dated 20-03-2014 Court-96.PDF
Havildar V Chiranjeevi Judgement of Havildar V Chiranjeevi bearing Case No O.A. No. 112/2012 dated 25-03-2014. O.A. No. 112/2012 dated 25-03-2014 Court-97.pdf
HAVILDAR VIJAY PAL Judgment of Havildar Vijay Pal bearing O.A. No. 26/2013 dated 30-08-2013 O.A. No. 26/2013 Court-76.PDF
Hony Nb Sub Bindeshwari Mondal Judgment of Hony Nb Sub Bindeshwari Mondal dated 02-05-2019 O.A. No. 162/2018 dated 02-05-2019 Court-297.PDF
Hony Nb Sub Debashihsh Kumar Chaky (Retd.) Hony Nb Sub Debashish Kumar Chaky (Retd.) dated 02-05-2019 O.A. No. 174/2018 dated 02-05-2019 Court-298.PDF
Hony Nb Sub Gopiendra Nath Sarkar (Retd.) Judgment of Hony Nb Sub Gopendra Nath Sarkar (Retd.) dated 01-05-2019 O.A. No. 173/2018 dated 01-05-2019 Court-296.PDF
Hony Nb Sub Manindra Nath Sarkar (Retd) Judgment of Hony Nb Sub Manindra Nath Sarkar (Retd.) dated 02-05-2019 O.A. No. 176/2018 dated 02-05-2019 Court-299.PDF
Hony Nb Sub Sukumar Dey (Retd.) Judgment of Hony Nb Sub Sukumar Dey (Retd.) dated 01-05-2019 O.A. No. 175/2018 dated 01-05-2019 Court-295.PDF