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Dinesh Kumar Judgment of Ex-Sepoy Dinesh Kumar dated 16/03/2016 T.A. No. 10/2014 Court-205.pdf
Dinesh Sharma (Ex-Nayak Hony Havildar) Judgement of Dinesh Sharma (Ex-Nayak Hony Havildar)bearing O.A. No. 96/2011 dated 13-09-2013 O.A. No. 96/2011 Court-77.PDF
Ex AC Haraprasanna Das Ex AC Haraprasanna Das bearing O.A. No. 30/2011 dated 26-03-2014. O.A. No. 30/2011 dated 26-03-2014 Court-98.pdf
Ex CFN (MV) Rajan Kumar Patra Judgement of Ex-CFN (MV) Rajan Kumar Patra dated 28-08-2018 O.A. (Appeal) No. 03/2016 with M.A. No. 186/2016 Court-252.PDF
Ex Hav Clk Rajendra Kumar Mishra Ex Hav Clk Rajendra Kumar Mishra bearing T.A. No. 211/2010 (W.P. No. 3075 (W) 2006) dated 02-04-2014. T.A. No. 211/2010 (W.P. No. 3075 (W) 2006) dated 02-04-2014 Court-101.pdf
Ex Hav/Skt. A.K. Maity Judgement of Ex Hav/Skt. A.K. Maity bearing TA No. 46/2012 dated 19-09-2014. TA No. 46/2012 dated 19-09-2014 Court-144.pdf
Ex Hony Nb Sub Kamal Kumar Ghosh Ex Hony Nb Sub Kamal Kumar Ghosh bearing O.A. No. 53/2013 dated 03-04-2014. O.A. No. 53/2013 dated 03-04-2014 Court-100.pdf
Ex Lt. Col. Somnath Bhattacharya Final Order of MA No. 45/2012 & MA No. 49/2012 dated 28/08/2012 MA No. 45/2012 & MA No. 49/2012 Court-32.PDF
Ex Nk Sukanto Dey Judgment of Ex Nk Sukanto Dey dated 08-03-2021 O.A. No. 37/2018 dated 08-03-2021 Court-302.pdf
Ex Nk. Md. Rajaur Rahman Judgement of Ex Nk. Md. Rajaur Rahman bearing OA 49/2013 dated 03-07-2014. OA 49/2013 dated 03-07-2014 Court-114.PDF
Ex Rect. Jitendra Kumar Judgement of Ex Rect. Jitendra Kumar bearing TA 04 of 2013 dated 12-09-2014. TA 04 of 2013 dated 12-09-2014 Court-134.pdf
Ex Surgeon Commander Bhaskar Roy Judgment of Ex-Surgeon Commander Bhaskar Roy M.A. No. 93/2016 with O.A.(Appeal) No. 1/2016 dated 19/05/2016 Court-217.pdf
Ex- SGT Debasish Saha Judgement of Ex SGT Debasish Saha bearing T.A. No 44/2010 dated 12-07-2013 T.A. No 44/2010 Court-67.PDF
Ex-AC Ashok Kumar Ghosh Judgment of Ex-AC Ashok Kumar Ghosh dated 17/05/2016 O.A. No. 69/2015 Court-232.PDF
Ex-CPL Damodar Nath Chakraborty Thakur Judgment of Ex-CPL damodar Nath Chakraborty Thakur dated 07-09-2018 O.A. No. 27/2016 dated 07-09-2018 Court-257.PDF
Ex-CPL Samarendra Beura Judgment of Ex-Cpl Samarendra Beura dated 13-11-2018 O.A. No. 120/2013 dated 13-11-2018 Court-271.PDF
Ex-Cpl Tapan Kumar Singha Judgment of Ex-Cpl Tapan Kumar Singha dated 24-02-2021 O.A. No. 71/2016 dated 24-02-2021 Court-304.PDF
Ex-Dvr Grade II Dil Bahadur Limbu Judgment of Ex-Dvr Grade II Dil Bahadur Limbu dated 18-05-2018 M.A. No. 151/2016 in O.A. (Appeal) No. 02/2016 Court-249.PDF