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Title Description Case no File Name
Sunil Kumar Judgment of Naib Subedar Sunil Kumar dated 06/07/2015 O.A. No. 14/2014 Court-159.pdf
Sunil Prasad Singh Judgement of Sunil Prasad Singh bearing T.A. No. 43 of 2011 dated 12-09-2014. T.A. No. 43 of 2011 dated 12-09-2014 Court-135.pdf
Surinder Kumar Judgment of Rfn Surinder Kumar dated 13/07/2015 O.A. No. 45/2013 Court-158.pdf
Swaraj Kumar Das Judgment of Ex-CPL Swaraj Kumar Das dated 25/01/2016 O.A. No. 47/2014 Court-184.pdf
SWETA SONY Parties are directed to suffer their costs O.A. No. 99/2013 Court-230.pdf
T.A. No. 90 of 2011 JUDGEMENT T.A. 90 OF 2011 T.A. NO. 90 OF 2011 Court-65.PDF
Tuhin Kanti Biswas (O.A. No.117/2013 dated 18-08-2014) Judgement of JC 764692N Sub/SKT Tuhin Kanti Biswas bearing O.A. No.117/2013 dated 18-08-2014 O.A. No.117/2013 dated 18-08-2014 Court-125.pdf
Uday Kumar Judgment of Uday Kumar @ Uday Kumar Singh dated 13-11-2018 O.A. No. 49/2018 dated 13-11-2018 Court-269.PDF
Umakanta Dash Judgement of Ex NK Umakanta Dash bearing T.A. No. 214/2010 dated 28-08-2014. T.A. No. 214/2010 dated 28-08-2014 Court-132.pdf
Union of India & Others Judgment of Union of India & Otherd Vs Smt. Dipsikha Sarkar & Others dated 08-03-2019 M.A. No. 17/2019 (Arising out of M.A. No. 83/2016 with O.A. No. 107/2015) dated 08-03-2019 Court-281.PDF
Yashoda Devi Judgement of Yashoda Devi, W/O Late Arjun Kumar Singh bearing T.A.38 of 2011 dated 22-08-2014. T.A. 38 of 2011 dated 22-08-2014 Court-126.pdf