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Title Description Case no File Name
Sujit Kumar Das Judgement of Sujit Kumar Das bearing OA 41/20111 dated 09-07-2014. OA 41/2011 dated 09-07-2014 Court-116.PDF
Sunil Kispotta Merit and the same be rejected.The applicant shall serve the sentence, if not already served. The relevant case records be returned to the respondents by the ?Registry. T.A. No. 75/2011 Court-224.pdf
Sunil Kumar Judgment of Naib Subedar Sunil Kumar dated 06/07/2015 O.A. No. 14/2014 Court-159.pdf
Sunil Prasad Singh Judgement of Sunil Prasad Singh bearing T.A. No. 43 of 2011 dated 12-09-2014. T.A. No. 43 of 2011 dated 12-09-2014 Court-135.pdf
Surinder Kumar Judgment of Rfn Surinder Kumar dated 13/07/2015 O.A. No. 45/2013 Court-158.pdf
Swaraj Kumar Das Judgment of Ex-CPL Swaraj Kumar Das dated 25/01/2016 O.A. No. 47/2014 Court-184.pdf
SWETA SONY Parties are directed to suffer their costs O.A. No. 99/2013 Court-230.pdf
T.A. No. 90 of 2011 JUDGEMENT T.A. 90 OF 2011 T.A. NO. 90 OF 2011 Court-65.PDF
Tuhin Kanti Biswas (O.A. No.117/2013 dated 18-08-2014) Judgement of JC 764692N Sub/SKT Tuhin Kanti Biswas bearing O.A. No.117/2013 dated 18-08-2014 O.A. No.117/2013 dated 18-08-2014 Court-125.pdf
Umakanta Dash Judgement of Ex NK Umakanta Dash bearing T.A. No. 214/2010 dated 28-08-2014. T.A. No. 214/2010 dated 28-08-2014 Court-132.pdf
Yashoda Devi Judgement of Yashoda Devi, W/O Late Arjun Kumar Singh bearing T.A.38 of 2011 dated 22-08-2014. T.A. 38 of 2011 dated 22-08-2014 Court-126.pdf