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Title Description Case no File Name
Smt Rekha Sarkar Judgment of Smt. Rekha Sarkar dated 09/03/2016 O.A. No. 55/2014 Court-197.pdf
Smt. Bela Mukherjee Judgment of Smt. Bela Mukherjee dated 29/06/2016 O.A. No. 47/2015 Court-219.pdf
Smt. Bishnupriya Tripathy The application is allowed T.A. No. 06/2014 Court-237.PDF
Smt. Chhayya Mallik Judgment of Smt. Chhayya Mallik dated 12/04/2016 O.A. No. 43/2015 Court-213.pdf
Smt. Dipsikha Sarkar & Ors Judgment of Smt. Dipsikha Sarkar & Ors dated 05-06-2018 O.A. No. 107/2015 with M.A. No. 83/2016 Court-243.PDF
Smt. Fool Jahan Ara Judgment of Smt. Fool Jahan Ara dated 25/06/2015. O.A. No. 73/2011 Court-154.pdf
Smt. Kadambari Mallik Judgement of Smt. Kadambari Mallik bearing TA 30 of 2011 dated 07-08-2014. TA 30 of 2011 dated 07-08-2014 Court-124.pdf
Smt. Namita Laha Judgment of Smt. Namita Laha dated 01/07/2015 O.A. No. 56/2013 Court-155.pdf
Smt. Parul Biswas @ Sudana Biswas Final Order of OA No. 49/2012 dated 28/08/2012 OA No. 49/2012 Court-35.PDF
Smt. Renu Kumari Judgment of Smt. Renu Kumari dated 25/01/2016 O.A. No. 2/2014 Court-183.pdf
Smt. Renubala Daskh Final Order of MA No. 46/2012 dated 28/08/2012 MA No. 46/2012 Court-33.PDF
SMT. RENUKA DEVI Judgment of Smt. Renuka Devi with T.A. No. 63/2011 T.A. No. 63/2011 Court-56.PDF
Smt. Sakuntala Giri Final Order of MA No. 61/2012 dated 28/08/2012 MA No. 61/2012 Court-34.PDF
Smt. Sharda Devi Judgement of Smt.Sharda Devi W/o Sri Indradeo Rai bearing O A 43/2013 dated 15 Sep 2014 O A 43/2012 dated 15-9-2014 Court-136.pdf
Smt. Syda Khatoon Smt. Syda Khatoon bearing T.A. No. 36/2011 dated 30-04-2014. T.A. No. 36/2011 dated 30-04-2014 Court-106.pdf
Smt. Urmila Devi Judgment of Smt. Urmila Devi dated 09/03/2016 O.A. No. 64/2015 Court-202.pdf
SRI DEBADUTTA SAHU Judgment of Debadutta sahu with T.A. No. 50/2012 dated 28-01-2014 T.A. No. 50/2012 Court-92.PDF
Subhas Chandra Das Judgment of Subhash Chandra Das dated 11/02/2016 O.A. No. 44/2014 Court-187.pdf
Subodh Kumar Singh Judgment of Subodh Kumar Singh dated 04/04/2016 O.A. No. 2/2016 Court-208.pdf
Sudhansu Sekhar Mohapatra Judgmant of Sudhansu Sekhar Mohapatra dated 04-07-2018 T.A. No. 09/2016 dated 04-07-2018 Court-247.PDF