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Title Description Case no File Name
Sep Virender Singh Judgement of Sep Virender Singh bearing O.A.52/2013 dated 15 Sep 2014 O.A. 52/2013 dated 15 Sep 2014 Court-137.pdf
Sgt. Tiwari RK (Raj Kumar Tiwari) Judgement of Sgt. Tiwari RK (Raj Kumar Tiwari)bearing O.A. No. 16/2010 dated 08-04-2014. O.A. No. 16/2010 dated 08-04-2014 Court-129.pdf
Sheo Shankar Prasad Singh and E.V. Jeevarajan Judgement of Sheo Shankar Prasad Singh bearing O.A. No. 61/2012 & E.V. Jeevarajan bearing O.A. No. 60/2012 both dated 16-05-2014. O.A. No. 61/2012 & O.A. No. 60/2012 dated 16-05-2014 Court-109.pdf
Shibasis Sain Judgment of Shibasis Sain bearing T.A. No. 10 of 2012 dated 25-10-2013 T.A. No. 10/2012 Court-82.PDF
Shri Amitava Gupta Judgment of Ex-Corporal Shri Amitava Gupta O.A> No. 22/2016 Court-242.PDF
Shri Arumugam Judgement of Shri Arumugam bearing O.A. No. 32/2012 dated 01-11-2013 O.A. No. 32/2012 dated 01-11-2013 Court-84.PDF
Shri Banke Ray @ Rai Judgement of Shri Banke Ray @ Rai T.A. No. 37/2011 Court-39.PDF
Shri Kalimaram The application OA is dismissed. O.A. No. 68/2014 Court-227.PDF
SHRI R. NASIK RAJA Judgement of OA No. 100/2011 dated 30-08-2012 OA No. 100/2011 Court-37.PDF
Shri Ramesh Chandra Mahapatra Judgment of Shri Ramesh Chandra Mahapatra dated 5th February, 2013 T.A. No. 15/2012 Court-47.PDF
Shri Ranjit Kumar Dutta O.A. No. 94/2011 Judgement of Shri Ranjit Kumar Dutta bearing O.A. No. 94/2011 dated 24-04-2014 O.A. No. 94/2011 dated 24-04-2014 Court-104.pdf
Shyam Kumar Judgement of Shyam Kumar bearing OA 13 of 2013 dated 19-09-2014. OA 13 of 2013 dated 19-09-2014 Court-140.pdf
Shyamal Debnath Judgment of Ex-Gnr Shyamal Debnath dated 21/08/2015 O.A. No. 43/2011 Court-169.pdf
Shyamal Debnath Judgment of Ex-Gnr Shyamal Debnath dated 21/08/2015 O.A. No. 43/2011 Court-170.pdf
Smt Rekha Sarkar Judgment of Smt. Rekha Sarkar dated 09/03/2016 O.A. No. 55/2014 Court-197.pdf
Smt. Bela Mukherjee Judgment of Smt. Bela Mukherjee dated 29/06/2016 O.A. No. 47/2015 Court-219.pdf
Smt. Bishnupriya Tripathy The application is allowed T.A. No. 06/2014 Court-237.PDF
Smt. Chhayya Mallik Judgment of Smt. Chhayya Mallik dated 12/04/2016 O.A. No. 43/2015 Court-213.pdf
Smt. Dipsikha Sarkar & Ors Judgment of Smt. Dipsikha Sarkar & Ors dated 05-06-2018 O.A. No. 107/2015 with M.A. No. 83/2016 Court-243.PDF
Smt. Fool Jahan Ara Judgment of Smt. Fool Jahan Ara dated 25/06/2015. O.A. No. 73/2011 Court-154.pdf