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Case no Order File Name
T.A. No.15/2013 dated 13-02-2015 Dailyorder-3419.PDF
T.A. No.159/2010 dated 08-12-2014 Dailyorder-3240.PDF
T.A. No.159/2010 dated 09-09-2014 Dailyorder-2948.PDF
T.A. No.165/2010 dated 04-12-2014 Dailyorder-3231.PDF
T.A. No.169/2010 dated 11-12-2013 Dailyorder-1701.PDF
T.A. No.17/2014 (Arising out of O.A. No. 238/2010) dated 27-08-2018 Dailyorder-12168.PDF
T.A. No.17/2015 (Arising out of CWJC No. 5748/1999) dated 14-09-2016 Dailyorder-6960.PDF
T.A. No.174/2010 (Arising out of O.J.C No. 1213/1995) dated 29-03-2017 Dailyorder-8026.PDF
T.A. No.174/2010 (Arising out of OJC No. 1213/1995) dated 26-08-2016 Dailyorder-6868.PDF
T.A. No.174/2010 dated 10-02-2015 Dailyorder-3396.PDF
T.A. No.18 of 2011 Dailyorder-21.PDF
T.A. No.18/2013 dated 03-01-2014 Dailyorder-1776.PDF
T.A. No.18/2013 dated 04-03-2014 Dailyorder-2072.PDF
T.A. No.180/2010 (Arising out of O.J.C. No. 15009/1998 dated 20-08-2015 Dailyorder-4676.PDF
T.A. No.180/2010 (Arising out of O.J.C. No.15009/1998) dated 11-08-2016 Dailyorder-6809.PDF
T.A. No.180/2010 dated 04-03-2015 Dailyorder-3491.PDF
T.A. No.192/2010 dated 17-12-2013 Dailyorder-1735.PDF
T.A. No.20/2015 (Arising out of O.A. No. 953/2015) dated 09-09-2016 Dailyorder-6929.PDF
T.A. No.27/2012 dated 22-08-2013 Dailyorder-1252.PDF
T.A. No.3 of 2011 Dailyorder-23.PDF