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Case no Order File Name
T.A. No.09/2015 (Arising out of WP(C) No. 7354/2014) dated 17-08-2016 Dailyorder-6835.PDF
T.A. No.1/2014 (Arising out of W.P. No 12799(W)/2004) dated 20-08-2015 Dailyorder-4671.PDF
T.A. No.1/2016 (Arising out of WP(C) No. 10692/2008) dated 18-08-2016 Dailyorder-6839.PDF
T.A. No.10/2013 dated 04-03-2014 Dailyorder-2074.PDF
T.A. No.10/2013 dated 04-03-2015 Dailyorder-3495.PDF
T.A. No.10/2014 dated 13-02-2015 Dailyorder-3418.PDF
T.A. No.10/2016 (Arising out of O.A. No.108/2014) dated 03-08--2017 Dailyorder-8943.PDF
T.A. No.11/2013 dated 11-12-2013 Dailyorder-1704.PDF
T.A. No.12/2014 dated 09-08-2016 Dailyorder-6791.PDF
T.A. No.124/2017 With O. A. No.158/2017 dated 20-12-2018 Dailyorder-13202.PDF
T.A. No.125/2010(Arising out of W.P.(C) No. 6144/2005 dated 21-01-2019 Dailyorder-13502.PDF
T.A. No.13/2013 dated 14-07-2014 Dailyorder-2633.PDF
T.A. No.13/2014 (Arising out of W.P.(C) No. 22393/2013 dated 12-02-2019 Dailyorder-13690.PDF
T.A. No.13/2014 (Arising out of WP(C) No. 22393/2013) dated 18-08-2016 Dailyorder-6840.PDF
T.A. No.13/2015 (Arising out of CWJC No. 15391/2004) dated 14-09-2016 Dailyorder-6958.PDF
T.A. No.14/2015 (CWJC No.3492/1999) dated 10-02-2017 Dailyorder-7719.PDF
T.A. No.143/2010 (Arising out of W.P. (C) No. 9975/2008) dated 29-03-2017 Dailyorder-8025.PDF
T.A. No.143/2010 (Arising out of W.P.(C) No. 9975/2008) dated 05-07-2017 Dailyorder-8718.PDF
T.A. No.145/2010 (Arising out of WPC No. 14274/2008) dated 26-08-2016 Dailyorder-6867.PDF
T.A. No.145/2010 dated 06-03-2014 Dailyorder-2086.PDF